Aztech and Inka Mini Q Essay

The Aztecs, a civilization, lived in Tenochtitlan (Modern day Mexico City). The Incas were also an indiginios group that lived on the Andes Mountain Range. Religion was an important component that made up Aztec and Inca civilization. They 

The Aztecs and Incas both believed in the gods and valued religion. The Aztecs were looking for a place to settle and build their empire. According to Aztec myth, Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec sun and war god, told the Aztecs that they would find the right place to settle when they saw an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its mouth. They were able to establish and build their empire. They began to settle by 1325. On the other hand, the Inkas were a small tribe in the Andes struggling agriculturally. However, around the 1200s when the Inka took up residence in Cuzco, they started to attack neighboring tribes and were able to make a name for their self as well as profit.

Religion was important to both empires. In fact, they were willing to take lives in the name of religion. The Aztecs participated in sacrifices more commonly, but the Inka also took part in such practices. Human Sacrifices were performed to appease the gods and hope for a good agricultural season. According to Document D, the Aztecs also believed that they owe a debt to the gods and that the only way to repay this debt would be with human lives and blood. Prisoners of war, children, and volunteers would usually play the sacrificial lamb. Volunteers were so committed to their religion that they would die in the name of it. Aztec children and volunteers would live lavish lifestyles before they were sacrificed. 

The Inka would more generally sacrifice animals like goats, but on occasion, they sacrificed humans. The Inka would have ceremonies where they would sacrifice children, one sacrifice ritual being Capacocha. During Capacocha, children would be selected “for their beauty and possible nobility, honored by their selection, and well fed and cared for before their ritual deaths. According to Ikca beliefs, such children were to serve as guardians over their villages from the heights of the mountains, joining the ancestors and honored in death” (Document H). The Religion between the Aztech and Inka did not differ much.

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