Comparative Essay Example 2020

The two stories I choose to compare and contrast was “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell and “The Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty. We did both of these two stories during the English 101 class. “The Most Dangerous Game” is about a big time hunter named Rainsford who fell of a ship and he ends up on a ship trap island. On the island he meets a general named Zaroff. After getting bored hunting animals, he's begun luring people to his island with a little trick involving misleading ships into thinking there’s a channel where there isn’t one. He gives people the choice be hunted for three days and go free if you survive, or be whipped to death by Ivan. He offers Rainsford to be hunted by him in the juggle. He hesitated but agrees to the situations. Rainsford has traps that were set up and it even hurt Zaroff and sent him to the house and the traps handles the goons and even kills Ivan. Zaroff thought the hunt was over because Rainsford went missing so Zaroff returned home to go to bed. Rainsford was in his bedroom and Zaroff tells him that he had won but Rainsford wants to kill him. Rainsford ends up lay in Zaroff’s bed.
“The Sniper” is about a Republican sniper who is on a roof and lights a cigarette knowing that the flash of his lighter might tip off his enemy. It does, and an enemy sniper, a Free Stater, sends a bullet flying overhead. The enemy is just across the street on the roof opposite the Republican sniper. At the same time an armored car comes down the street, and an old woman comes around the corner and informs the man in the armored car about the Republican sniper. Before the man in the armored car can shoot at the Republican sniper, though, the Republican sniper shoots the man dead. He shoots the woman dead, too, as she tries to run away. The Republican sniper gets hit in the arm by the bullet of the enemy sniper but he was not fazed by the bullet and just patches the wound up. In order to escape, he puts his rifle on the edge of the roof with his cap on its end; the enemy sniper shoots at it, and the Republican sniper makes it look like he has been killed. The enemy sniper, thinking he is safe, stands up on his roof, and with a surge of pride and joy the sniper shoots him dead with his revolver. The Republican sniper feels safe, “the lust of battle died in him. He became bitten by remorse begins to go down to street level to report to his commander. Curiosity as to the identity of the enemy sniper whom he had killed. He reaches the corpse and throws himself at it, as if he has been killed, too. The sniper turned over the dead body and looked into his brother’s face.
In the stories they have many similarities between the two. The main characters in both stories were smart and they were strategist. The Republican soldier used a match lighted a cigarette and he knew it would give away his position but it would let him know where he will be located and that might sound bad but it is a good idea. Republican soldier was smart by using his hat as a distraction so the enemy soldier would shot at the hat to give up his position. Rainsford had set up traps to stop the Zaroff and his goons. Rainsford's first trap is the Malay Mancatcher and hopes that Zaroff will step on the trigger and be killed by the weight of the large tree but he only hurt his shoulder 2019-11-20 18:20:13
My purpose in life derives primarily from my own experiences and convictions, and my
goal is to delve into unsolved puzzles of wonders. Young professionals around the world seek to fulfill their intellectual and personal dreams by choosing options to make a career for themselves, which will satisfy all these criteria if possible. Those who chase their dreams with that touch of passion and excitement, and with their whole being geared up to pour their energies into their work, will see their dreams taking shape. My serious journey into the field of healthcare began when I became certified as a nurse aide. The sterling opportunity to further my education will play an influential role in the development of my career as well as exponentially help me grow as a person. The certified nurse aide class was a rigorous course that required a lot of attention and hard work. It was challenging because as a junior, I had to work hard on getting a satisfactory ACT score that would help me get scholarships to help pay for college and work on passing the certified nurse aide test. Learning to develop skills to become a nursing assistant such as communication skills played a huge role in the challenges I faced. After a whole year of going to class and practicing on dummies, it was time for the test. I was so nervous that day because this was the day that would open doors to many opportunities. My parents have helped me by encouraging me to see the big picture and where it could lead me in the future. After passing the certified nurse aide test, I gained some confidence and applied for a job to gain experience. It is a challenging job because everybody has their good and bad days. I have to work a 12-hour shift and try to make sure that all the residents in the nursing home are well-fed and presentable. I have to get them up for activities that the nursing home has for the residents to participate in and interact with other people. One of the most challenging parts of the job was taking care of 20 people at a time and then going home and practicing for the ACT. This was one of the hardest challenges because all the studying for the CNA test and ACT test and working had played a huge role in my health. I didn’t get enough sleep over the summer when I worked three times a day, and I didn’t get the nutrition I needed, which caused me to lose a lot of weight. My parents were worried about me, always made sure I was okay, and encouraged me to take care of myself because the 12-hour shift can take a lot of energy out of you when you have to walk around all day. Some of the people can be rude no matter how much you try to help them and that hurts my feelings sometimes, but one of the things that I have learned through this job is to have patience because it is not the resident’s fault that they are like that. At the beginning of my senior year, I learned of an opportunity to take a phlebotomy course just like the certified nurse aide course. When I heard that whoever passed the CNA test could take that course, I immediately went home and told my parents of the opportunity. My parents told me that I would be a great opportunity and that they would support throughout the process. Although it is a challenging course, I took the opportunity because it would teach me a lot help me in the future by giving my parents and brother a peaceful life, saving money for college, and gaining knowledge about the medical field.
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